steps at the end of the beach

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Whilst looking for other things I came across this old beach picture from a Thailand trip a year ago. I’m not sure where it was shot,
perhaps its same The Beach movie location again!
At night Martine and I would walk barefoot home from town, holding our sandals in the warm surf, and see large rats feasting on the huge fallen jaca tree fruits..

As we were so unlucky with the end of season weather, we flew north to Chiang Mia after just a few days, where it was much drier.
The photo shows a moody afternoon sun, just before yet another rain!

I used Flypaper textures to bring out the green tones under the trees, and lighten those brooding shadows.

Antique Liaisons Soft Light @ 41% (blurred)
Raw Linen Overlay @ 41% (blurred)
Apple Blush Hard Light @ 32%

Final tweaks with curves when merged!
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