sunrise through the pines

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Had to get up at the crack of dawn or with the lark as we English say, with the intention of trying to catch any morning mist whilst staying at my sisters house which is situated in woodland in Surrey, England.
This occasion happened to be on my birthday, April the 21st – just the right time of year before the woodlands get too dry and dark with overhead leaf cover, it was captured on my way home, a last subtle glimpse of mist burning off in the sun. I shot this with the hope of enhancing the mist with textures, its one of the last of this batch of several that are now all on sale with my various photo agents, some of which have even sold! – Just going to prove, it’s the early bird catches the worm! 🙂

You’ll notice the raw image is shown before I warped the top processed image outwards to compensate for the convergence effect of the lens, for this I used the warp filter, not the lens filters in photoshop CC.

Forest Pines Track – Nik Color Efex Fly Preset – Fly Set II @ 100%

Alice – Soft Light @ 57% over sky area only

Pastel Alloy – Soft Light @ 98% over sky area only

Muscatel –Soft Light @ 68%

Alice and Pastel Alloy are from the Metallic Set, Muscatel is from Tex Box 2
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