Don’t sweet peas have the most wonderful fragrance? I wish I could share the scent with you all -as someone on flickr said at times like this we need a scratch and sniff computer screen! I have one of my neighbours to thank for these beauties, they grow in profusion over her fence beside the footpath so I stole a few blooms on my way past.

Okay the processing.
Balthamos Blue @ Soft light 25%
Tarte Tatin @ Overlay 61% toned blue with a hue saturation adjustment and removed from the focus flowers.
Stamp visible by pressing Ctrl-Alt -Shft -E on a PC (on a Mac it will be similar)
Change the opacity of that layer to Soft light @ 18%
Luminescent @ Screen 18% removed from the focus flowers with a layer mask.
Luminescent @ Hard light 25%

And it was done! The change is fairly subtle but it’s all you need sometimes. See it  on Flickr

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