The Art Critic

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Another image taken during the recent spring high tides.
The model is standing on the shoreline with a sand pool in front.
These strange wigwam structures are built from driftwood, we have no idea who makes them or for what purpose, however any structures add photographic opportunities, and we’re all for that!

The image shown is unfinished, after deciding the shoreline was too hard, I later re- processed to soften and add some a surreal style, by pulling up the waterline and pulling down the top half as is shown on Flickr.

Opal – Hue @ 36%
Giverny – Soft Light @ 60%
Sisley – Soft Light @ 43%
Naissant Border – Overlay 59%
Moth Wing – Soft Light @ 100%
Base Image duplicated – Multiply @ 30%

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