I take a lot of photos out the car window as I’m travelling (as a passenger of course) and this is one of them. I loved the pattern the fences made. The fairly ominous sky did bring rain for which the farmers were very thankful as conditions are very dry in a lot of areas.

Both Paul and I are in Christmas holiday mode at the moment but we’ll be back to more regular posting here on the blog soon. And since this will be our last post for the 2010 we’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year!
Now the processing:
Moleskin @ Overlay 35%
Purple Haze @ Soft light 100%
Sariel Leather @ Soft Light 83 % this layer was to give colour solely to the land so was masked from the sky.
Curves layer to tweak tone and contrast.
All textures are from the Summer Painterly pack.
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