the green one!

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Fennel is considered a weed in many places but I don’t mind it in my garden. I love it for it’s wonderful towering flower stalks and seedheads, it’s lovely soft ferny foliage, it’s aniseed fragrance and flavour.
At one time I’d have avoided the power-pole or cloned it out, but I like the juxtaposition of shapes and forms here.

Processing was fairly simple
Algae @ multiply 100% I used the patch tool to get rid of some of the grunge spots from the texture that I felt were distracting. This texture layer provided most of the green colour and some of the vignetting.
Tarte Tatin@ Soft Light 54%
Selective colour adjustment layer where I tweaked the neutrals a bit.

The photo at this stage looked okay but I wanted to add some drama so I merged visible Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E and added a render lighting effects filter layer, and tried several different “lights” before I settled on what you see here.
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