Welcome to the new Summer Season of Painterly Flypaper!
Before we had only been able to hint at new textures used, and frankly this was very frustrating, having new textures but not being able to give the game away about the new painterly theme!

So, for this first simple tutorial, I chose a picture from a roasting hot Thursday afternoon, at the famous port of Grau-du-Roi,
near Montpellier and on the edge of the famous Camargue.
On the horizon can be seen the strange pyramid-like white structures which are the French’s answer to the Spanish 1960’s/70’s high rise holiday apartments. These are now very popular with Parisians and the Montpellier well-healed.

As it was on a high summer mid-afternoon I had to Shoot with my trusty polarized filter, so’s not to lose the depth in those deep blue & green tones.

I’ve been told it has the quality of a Dutch Vermeer painting.
Naturally I’m happy with this!

Summer Painterly textures used:
Nimbus Clouds – Soft Light – @ 66%
Turtle Shell – Soft Light – @ 60% –
(Turtle shell removed from boats and people to keep the fresh whites)
A final 50% auto colour tweak and contrast after merging layers to finish!

This picture shows the image before the colour tweak, the final large version can now be seen along with a satellite map location on Flickr
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