The return..

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Two years ago just a few hundred metres from this tree I slipped down a tiny grassy slope and broke my ankle. The place is now known as “The Broken Leg Place” and I always tread carefully when I’m there -the pain still being vivid in my mind! There are no houses there now but there was once many small farms along these banks but all that remains of them now are the trees from the old gardens -a walnut, plums and oaks and in spring there are daffodils on a hillside growing wild amongst the rocks.

This tree is a NZ native manuka and it was processed with textures from our second pack.
Here are the layers in order
Lost Void @ Overlay 59%
Holmes @ Hard light 39%
Curves layer to warm the tone
Peach blush @ Hard light 32%
Peach blush @Overlay 23 %
copy of the background layer @ soft light 87%
And a levels layer to tweak the contrast.
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