the scary bit

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On rediscovering my Thailand vacation pictures from last year,
I still find the odd thing to process.
This was shot in Portrait format, on a fast speedboat launch in poor early morning light, thus unfortunately most shots from this batch suffer from a little camera shake and were abandoned.
The rocks were very yellow, so to get around this, I simply added a final B/W base image layer to finish off the image.
It gives a cool modern look to the finished imagery.
I’m sure that if the James Bond franchise were to re-visit their famous nearby Kho Phi Phi islands used in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’,
would they be using this kind of desaturated filming, perhaps with a green filter?

Apple Blush – Soft Light @ 100%
Dangerous Liaisons – Multiply @ 30%
Base Image – Soft Light @ 31%
Base Image (totally desaturated) – Normal @ 45%

If you look closely at the flickr version you’ll see I removed a boat!
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