the sea bobber!

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As requested, we now start to tackle live subjects!
This image is from a shoot with a charming Danish Family.
Its hard to believe that just a month ago we were still sea bathing!

I don’t recommend standing in the sea with an expensive camera, but if that’s what it takes to get a natural shot, who am I to argue?

Okay, to bring your ‘family photos’ up a level,
try this blend of Flypaper textures.
Just three were used with these levels;

Apple Blush with Soft light @ 100%
Orient express with Soft light @ 39%
Pompeii Stucco With Overlay @ 39%

To keep the skin nice and smooth (flattering) I simply painted over each texture covering just the boy with the blur tool.
This keeps the same rich colour values as the surround but stops the skin from looking ‘dirty’.
I’m sure his mom will approve of that! 🙂