The Sheep and the Rock

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This was taken when I was away on holiday almost a month ago. We decided to explore some of the countryside around the little town of Cheviot where we were staying for a day or so and we ended up on a road leading high into the hills. It started as an ordinary country (gravel) road but soon turned into a grassy farm track and at times we wondered if we were lost, but after an hour or so of back road driving and many gates we came out where we were supposed to, at a valley on the other side of the hills.
Canterbury sheep seem to be much better trained than Otago ones, they stand still beautifully for photos and are very cooperative when it comes to composition too 🙂

Now the processing….to start with I used Paul’s painterly effect (the before version has already had the effect applied. Then it was texture time
Chlorophyll @ multiply 61% desaturated and the texture removed from the lower portion
Apple Blush @ Soft Light 51%
Necropolis @ Overlay 85% with much of the texture removed from the sky
Necropolis @ Soft Light 34% with the some of the texture removed from the land
Then after a final tweak of tone and contrast using levels and curves adjustments I called it done.
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