the winter group

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The other day on our freezing beach.
Shot with my 75-300mm zoom lens, this scene was captured from a great distance of a neighboring beach.
Because its from a distance the people look much closer together than they were!
Not shown on my base image are a line of fishing rods and a fisherman sat in front, already cloned out!
I also removed the mid picture-line of distant hills with the patch tool.
If you notice the filters used you’ll see they are all Soft light, ideal for building up grunge.
A final colour tweak removed some yellow tones and added a cooler blue tone.

Apple Blush ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 42%
Caramel Soft ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 100%
Raw Linen ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 54%
Leaky Garret ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 82%
Lime Plaster (flipped upside down) ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 100%
Lost Void ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 100%
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