Tin Rose

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I never get sick of flowers or taking photos of them but sometimes you have to put your thinking cap on try and come up with a new way of shooting them. I’d taken some small props to our country hut a couple of weeks back and when I had a few moments spare time in between gardening tasks, had a quick photo shoot using what I had available, in this case an old tin, old mirror and a rose (which was losing its petals) from the garden.

Now the processing
Carbide Blue @ soft light 42% masked softly from the flowers
Mars @ soft light 100 % masked from the upper portion of the image
Nik preset Fly Old Book from the Flypaper Nik Preset pack.
At this stage it looked okay but to add a bit of “drama” I used the Nik Efex Analog filters, in this case it was one from the “classic camera” set that added a bit of detail and warmth.

Carbide Blue and Mars are from the Metallic Pack.
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