Vintage Hydrangea

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I am enjoying the versatility of our new Flypaper metallics, I love the light metallic sheen that some of them give to photos depending on the blending mode and opacity of the texture layer, this adds a whole new dimension. In this shot of a single hydrangea floret on an old mirror, I combined the metallics with one of our tintype edges, they work so well together!
Now onto the processing, and unlike Paul who usually adjusts his photo before adding textures, I mostly texture then adjust the resulting image.
Verdigris Scratch @ Overlay 100% masked from the focus areas
Metallic Sky @ Overlay 100% masked as above
Tintype 30@ Multiply 100% masked gently from the flower

Then I merged visible and applied a selective hue saturation layer to tone down the red blob in the background
Then it was onto Nik where I selectively used the detail extractor to bring out the details of the flower.

Verdigris Scratch and Metallic Sky are from the Flypaper Metallic Pack, Tintype 30 is from the Tintype pack.
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