We drove past this windmill many times on the way to the beach,
situated on a hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean salt marshes.
Thankfully we managed to stop a few times at sunset on route home to capture it on camera.
I was lucky because it was cut down this year, it was really sad to see the top rotors resting in the vines..
It was beautiful lit up at sunset, I even climbed it once!
Martine pretended she didn’t know me, but that’s another story!:-)

We’ve been asked about our thought processes when we use textures.
Firstly, if you get the format or crop of the image sorted I think you’re halfway there.
Here I noticed the ground at the same level as the texture’s skirt,
a lucky marriage made in heaven. The rest just fell into place…

This recipe uses textures from both sets..
As always its the first listed used to the last.

Leaden Hall – Opacity – hard light @ 94%
Copy of base image – Opacity – Luminosity @ 14%
Lime Plaster – Opacity – Color @ 68%
Copy of base image – Opacity – soft light @ 98%
Copy of base image – Opacity – Color @ 34%
Necropolis – Opacity – soft light @ 65%@