Paul is having connection problems at the moment so  yet another photo from me here and one with a human subject for a change 🙂
This is the lovely Katiki beach adjacent to the  main highway north to Oamaru, it’s a beautiful long golden beach and is one of the highlights of the drive north.
I did two versions of this photo,  the other is rectangular and deserted but has been processed in exactly the same way. You can see it on flickr Here

The processing once again was fairly simple.
Necropolis @ Soft light 100%  toned slightly green and desaturated a little
Concorde @ Overlay 100% this texture has really accentuated the blue/green of the sea and given much of the softness.
Paua nacra @ overlay 100%
It looked okay at this stage but I decided to tone down the yellow a little so I added a Selective colour adjustment layer and tweaked the colours (neutrals and blacks)

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