It’s been another warm day here so after dinner we went for a quick walk along a road (now closed to traffic) above St Kilda Beach, the light was dramatic with dark skies and occasional sunbeams breaking through the cloud layers . At the end of the road, is wonderful lookout with views right down the south coast, I’ve not been there for several years as the area has been completely closed to everyone for construction work. Thankfully the threatening rain held off or we would have got soaked, not my camera though as I’d gone prepared with a plastic bag for it…..just in case!

Processing this time was fairly quick and easy.
After straightening my horizon…it’s always crooked no matter how much effort I make to keep things straight
I added
Muscatel @ overlay 58% (this is such a versatile texture!)
Lavender Skies @ Overlay 100% this texture brightened the lower portion of the photo a bit like using a graduated filter. I removed some of the texture from the top portion of the sky by using a graduated layer mask.

And it was done!
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