white barn II

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Goodness, how time flies on the net!
Last week we received an email asking for fuller recipes of our early images from way back, at the time of last summer’s launch. It came as a surprise to me as I couldn’t remember our early blogs being so minimal! Thus, to rectify at least one post, here is a full recipe!
The first copy of the shot was treated to give a Painterly effect..

It’s amazing how the alchemy of a water texture can bring things to life.
This water texture is from my flickr free water textures, here:
This first texture is blurred and brushed from the barn.

Water ~ Opacity ~ Multiply @ 32%
Water ~ (Sky only) ~ Opacity ~ Lighter Color 65%
Elysium ~ Opacity ~ Overlay @ 26%
Leaky Garret ~ Opacity ~ Overlay @ 53%
Leaky Garret ~ Opacity ~ Overlay @ 53%
Necropolis ~ Opacity ~ Overlay @ 37%
Necropolis ~ Opacity ~ Color @ 71%
Necropolis (Field only) ~ Opacity ~ Overlay @ 100%
Leaky Garret (sky only) ~ Opacity ~ Soft light @ 31%
See a finished version on Flickr
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