windowsill jug

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This small, high situated window is at the side of my fireplace in my little old french corner house.
I’m lucky having these side windows, as its a great source of fresh cross air in the hot summers. The view is a dud though, as it just points towards next doors green shutters, and not much light as its around two feet thick, having the chimney next to it inside the wall.

It used to be above a lovely little sink, and was sealed shut when I bought it with the skeleton of a long dead pigeon.
I guess the little Dutch professor never saw it as he wasn’t very tall!
Surrounded by red and white antique French tiles, alas, all are gone as I had to relocate the ridiculous 3 foot wide kitchen to the ground floor when I first moved in. Its now all Ikea stainless steal.. hay hoe!

So, this little window is where the old timers few dishes were dried!
I was thus inspired to dry my brushes there!
The original antique Cornish-ware Jug was textured with several Flypapers.
Listed from the first used to the last.

Raw Linen – Soft Light @ 80%
Antique Liaisons – Multiply @ 26%
Antique Liaisons – Hard Light @ 26%
Lime Plaster – Soft Light @ 100% flipped vertically
Lost Void – Soft Light @ 71% flipped vertically
Ming – Soft Light @ 56%

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