winter wheat treescape

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Another AutopanoPro merge of two portrait formatted landscapes.
I’ve left the base showing where I had a missing bit to clone in.
Shot as the sun was setting behind riverbank trees.
The first copies of the shot were treated to give a Painterly effect..
Then treated with the following textures:

Apple Blush ~ opacity ~ Soft Light @ 47 %
Caramel soft (desaturated) ~ Hard Light @ 47%
Elysium ~ opacity ~ Color Burn @ 12 %
Raw Linen ~ opacity ~ Soft Light @ 47 %
Colosseum Sienna ~ opacity ~ Overlay @ 29 %
A final color tweak, to enhance the colors with curves.

Its always hard to know when to stop processing.
I expect many will find this picture too bright, but as I’ve said before,
I’m not here to hold back, I tend to go to the max,
always pushing at the boundaries is the only way to learn! 🙂

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