Flypaper Textures


Stormy Sunday

Yesterday our daylight saving/summer time started here in New Zealand, the weather was far from summery with showers and a biting cold wind. In the afternoon we decided to go for a walk at one of the city beaches but on arriving we discovered that the tide was too high to actually get down to […]

Tower Bridge

During a recent summer stay in London, I visited some old friends who have moved to the now very fashionable South Bank of the Thames. As it was my first trip to this area I was amazed to see such regeneration and life in this ancient, and once shabby area! We did a several mile […]

The Girl Who Read To Birds ~ Michael Titus

For our first book interview we have Michael Titus, an American based on the east coast. The Girl Who Read To Birds is the first Children’s book by Michael, alias frogmuseum2 on Flickr We’re old admin friends from several flickr groups along with Julie Miller who is the illustrator and the book’s designer. Unfortunately she […]

Another Beach

I textured and posted this one to flickr soon after we launched the spring painterly set, I especially loved the effect the impressionist Sisley texture gives here. Often you can get away with using just one texture in processing, but I tend to build up the layers to add depth, even repeating the same texture […]

Thom Cross – Standing on the Edge of the World

Yet another Flypaper product to share, this time an indie pop CD/EP! Several months ago I was contacted by Thom, originally a New Zealander, and now a London based musician who wanted to use one or two of my images, naturally I was delighted to help, and sorted him out with this and another image, […]


I’m just back from a short holiday at Kaikoura, a lovely coastal town several hundred kilometres north of here. Kaikoura is famed for its whale watching but there’s much more to do…wildlife, fishing seals, wild beaches, walks etc etc…. My holiday coincided with one of the most widespread snow falls we’ve had in New Zealand […]


In recent times I’ve been going through a slow phase, photography wise, it being winter here in New Zealand is probably something to do with it.  Anyway I was getting sick of going through my archives looking for something to process so decided to do a quick still-life with the first thing that came to […]

Sunflowers at days end

They say you have to suffer for your Art, and here is a prime example! Who would have known that sunflower fields had to have many bee hives to pollinate all those flowers, and who would have known to carry a bee sting antidote in the car? I do now… Ouch! I was stung on […]

Three Pears

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of pears! They’re such photogenic fruit, I especially love Bosc pears with their elegant long form and stems. The other day when I was looking a photo to process I came across this one taken a couple of years ago and rejected at the time because it […]

empty vessels

Here’s another still life I threw together.The tall antique glass vase is probably a french apothecary jar and would have had a big cork stopper, its one of a pair that Martine and I bought from an outdoor flea-market, here in the south of France. The tiny cracked olive oil decanter and stopper I found […]

Jim Zuckerman Nik ebook

Back in the new year we supplied our writer friend Jim Zuckerman with complimentary copies of our textures, updating him with the spring pack as it was launched. Jim has finally furnished us with a copy of his lavishly illustrated ebook We were delighted to see he has used several fly textures as examples of […]


I was thrilled to find these still in flower in my garden a couple of weeks back, usually I’d have to wait till spring to see them but our winter here in Dunedin has been relatively mild so far, but as the old saying goes “as the days grow longer, the cold grows stronger” and […]

Lemon preserve jars

Our supermarket had a stock of large, knobbly photogenic Lemons, which inspired me to use a few in a new still life. I have no fancy lighting, I just use daylight from a side window with the Mediterranean shutters most people have, mine are both internal and external. I can direct the light by opening […]

Pretty pastels

This is another lensbaby photo, I love the extreme bokeh the lens produces as well as the unpredictability of the results, I also love how well lensbaby shots work with textures. Okay, the recipe and it was a fairly simple one, only one texture and one of the blending modes was one you’d not expect. […]

jug and fresh soap

One of my greatest little luxuries is a really hot deep bath! And then from that bath my favorite view would have to be of freshly scrubbed, bleached pine tops, scented with French hand made lavender soap. So I’m lucky, here in my little French house to have such a bathroom! The thick pastel coloured […]


This comes hot off the press (or camera) so to speak.  Taken a couple of hours ago with my lensbaby while I was out walking. Winter is fast approaching here in New Zealand so I have to make the most of the lovely day we’re having and finding these in flower was an added bonus. […]

Women under Scaffolding

I’m no stalker, but when I see a great silhouette, and I’m armed with a camera, I will sometimes move just a few tiny paces to try to get a secret shot! Our narrow medieval streets are perfect for this type of shot, though for the same reason our streets are often too shaded and […]

Girl with teddies

In England I bought a full size double hospital X-ray light box from Ebay, cost me next to nothing, but boy did I get burnt for the extra baggage on the flight home! So, I’ve been going through the old negatives, and came across this shoot with my niece, proudly showing her party outfit in […]

Grunge Hydrangea

I reprocessed this image for Mary’s article over at the Digital Photography School,  to help illustrate how using different textures on the same image can  completely change the feel of a photo, it’s one of the things textures are so useful for. The earlier version is much more soft, dreamy and subtle. Anyway, here’s what […]

at the watermark

Firstly, Jill and I would like to say a big Hi to the fans of the DPS site! It was a pleasure to answer questions for Mary Andrade’s feature on – ‘Tips for Texturing Photographs’ over on the DPS site. For all newcomers to to Flypaper, simply mouse-over the images for a fast before/after effect! […]

three girls running

Firstly, Jill and I would like to say a big Hi to the fans of the DPS site! It was a pleasure to answer questions for Mary Andrade’s feature on – ‘Tips for Texturing Photographs’ over on the DPS site. For all newcomers to to Flypaper, simply mouse-over the images for a fast before/after effect! […]


Another photo of one of my favourite photographic subjects, I never get sick of the climbing hydrangea! The photo was taken with my wonderful new Pentax 50-135 f2.8 lens, it produces some lovely bokeh. I textured this on the laptop while I was at our country hut this past weekend  and since our hut isn’t […]

Powder Blue Hydrangea

I am enjoying playing with the new Spring Flypapers, although we trialled them extensively prior to release it’s always fun coming up with new combinations and finding out what works with a certain style of photo.  Over in our Flypaper flickr group there’s a thread where you can tell us which your favourites are from […]

The Art Critic

Another image taken during the recent spring high tides. The model is standing on the shoreline with a sand pool in front. These strange wigwam structures are built from driftwood, we have no idea who makes them or for what purpose, however any structures add photographic opportunities, and we’re all for that! The image shown […]