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Today I went to our city’s huge 24 hour second hand book sale held in the theatre it raises funds for. There are thousands of books on sale with more put out all the time so it’s a great way to stock the shelves. Book dealers are there in force and you can spot them […]


I’ve been busy cataloguing my photos for the past few days; it’s going to be a long job! I started off using AdobeBridge but someone suggested that Lightroom was the way to go. I’ve tried using Lightroom once before but gave up, preferring the extra control that Bridge and ACR gave me in processing my […]

Daisy had issues

The story came about with the bar code idea. Daisy is a radicalized cow, she always has issues and frequently stomps around the fields with slogans painted on her sides. Today’s protest is not wanting to be just a number. Her long-suffering farmer owner loves to see what she’s come up with every morning. Naturally […]

Snow Seeds

Happy May Day! For a slight backward step, as I produced this image several weeks ago, when still experimenting with the new Fly Edges. It’s always a leap of faith when trying something you’ve never done before. I’d taken these last snows of the year pictures, and had a kind of Lomo effect planned for […]


These very small and very scruffy apples came from a roadside tree, I’d picked them hoping they’d be sour as I had intended making a savoury chilli jelly,  I discovered however that  they’re sweet with very tough skins….definitely not for eating but they made good jelly. I liked how they looked in front of my […]

A little late lunch

Hanmer springs is a lovely alpine village famed for its beautiful natural hot springs, it also has some great tracks to walk and cycle. I spotted this guy -a mule if I’m not mistaken, when we were out for a walk. He wasn’t going to stop eating for anything, or come any closer. Almost forgot! […]


Last week, armed with a piece of black card, I took the dog a walk to our local Park of the poets to photograph iceland poppies, thankfully as the wind was low I managed several acceptable shots. See it on Flickr . Later, at the duck pond I took a few experimental shots, I couldn’t […]


I’m really enjoying the versatility of our new Fly Edge textures. I’ve used them as straight texture without the edges but here I decided that the grungy look would enhance this image. To start with, I roughly cloned some colour into the upper pale section of the photo The processing was really simple. I used […]


Almost every time I go to the beach I come home with a pocket full of small shells and stones and suchlike. Most of these ones came from a beach near the entrance to our harbour where there are lots of these tiny treasures underfoot. I processed these with textures from our new Fly Edges […]