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At Taiaroa Head at the entrance to Otago Harbour is a breeding colony of Northern Royal Albatross, the only such colony on inhabited mainland. These huge birds which have a wing-span of up to 3 metres, nest on the hills overlooking the harbour and if you’re lucky you can see them in flight, windy and stormy days are the best for this as they launch themselves off the cliff and rely on updraughts to get themselves airborne.

On this particular evening, just after Christmas it was misty and very windy, in fact so windy I doubt if I’d have been able to hold a camera with a long lens steady enough without a tripod to get a sharp photo. Thankfully though I had my lovely new “carry-around” Sony A7 camera with me and managed a few shots.

Anyway the processing
Metallic Sky @ Overlay 64% masked from the land and sea
Tempest Sea @ Overlay 100% masked from everything except the sea
Tiepolo @ Overlay 59% Masked from the land and sea
Flypaper Nik Preset -Fly II Dimanche tweaked slightly to taste.

Metallic Sky is from the Metallic Pack, Tempest Sea is from the Spring Painterly, Tiepolo is from the August Painterly and Fly II Dimanche preset is from the Fly 2 Nik Presets pack.

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