Fire Truck

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Without further ado, welcome to our first blog tutorial using the new Fly Nik Anolog Presets! But before I go on, we’d just like to remind you guys that this Analog Preset Pack is for the Nik Analog Pro Plug-in and not for the usual Color Efex Pro. You can download it free from Nik as its all part of your original subscription.

Whilst cross country skiing this spring in the Jura mountains we came across this old abandoned French Fire Engine, later we came back driving in various light conditions but found the sunlight far too bright to get nice shots with the highly contrasting snows, so I tried this with my trusty Lens Baby optic 80 in slightly overcast light and decided this was the keeper of the bunch.

For processing I opened in Nik Analog and created this simple preset that’s included in the Fly Nik Analog preset pack, so if you’d like to play with the before and after image to see if you get the same effect, you can, we’ve recently heard people like to play to see if they can create the same image from the recipe and we think its ok as long as you remember that most of our images are strictly copy-written with photo agents, but for private home practice its fine:-)

Firstly, I used the new Fire Truck 2 Analog preset, then set about further enhancing with Flypapers, I just used the new Paper Painterly textures at very subtle settings as shown below. A final colour enhancement at the end helped boost the tones.

Analog Preset – Fire Truck 2 @ 100%
Cracked Coral – Color @ 12%
Silk Velvet – Soft Light @ 62%
Tasman – Overlay @ 14%
Caspian – Soft Light @ 100%

Analog Preset Fire Truck is from the Analog Presets Pack, Cracked Coral, Silk Velvet, Tasman, and Caspian are from the Paper Painterly Pack.

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