Flypaper Nik Analog Presets

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Important Note: This pack of Presets are for the Nik Analog Pro not for Nik Color Efex. The Analog plugin is free if you have Nik Color Efex.

Adding to our best selling first two preset Color Efex packs we now proudly launch our much requested Analog Preset pack!
We’ve been quietly making and using these for several months and so it’s been frustrating not being able to share many of our recipes where we’ve used them until we finally launched this pack!

So now you’ll see how we achieved those dreamy, blurry edges on images like Skull through a Lamp, rich film grain on ‘Tin Rose’ and antique analog grunge on ‘Light House’ plus many other subtle tonal efex which we sometimes combine with the first two preset packs and then finish with our popular classic Flypaper Textures!

This third preset pack is for use with both the original and the brand new Analog Nik updated plugin; so don’t worry about conflicts as we’ve had time to trial this pack in both Classic and New Nik plugin versions (Please see note below)

Our new Analog set is perfect for creating moody, cool modern and retro images, processing portraits, landscapes and still life set-ups, working well for both book covers and fine art photography. They can be used to beef-up weak, washed out images too, helping to draw the eye into the image with a selection blurred and darkened edges.
We’ve found that the analog antique lens combo effects are a marriage made in heaven when used with our classic Flypaper Glass Edges and Tin Edges Textures thus rounding off our processing suite beautifully for less than 10 USD!

Downloads of this very small file are fast and they just need to be unzipped, normally by double right mouse clicking. To install, open a picture in your Nik Analog Efex Pro and from the left hand column select Imported from the menu, click on the + symbol at the top of the menu, navigate to your unzipped preset file, open and simply select all the presets inside the folder and import. Your collection of new presets will then be found in its own recipe list. Each Preset begins with the handy preface: fly, so you’ll always know this set from others.

Important Note! On rare occasions  Mac users won’t be able to install any presets at all into Analog Pro 2 and an invalid file type message will be generated. Nik has provided a fix for this problem. Please go to our Analog FAQ page for more information.  To check if you are going to have a problem, down load our test file and see if it will install into Analog Pro 2.

A tutorial on installing the presets (including screenshots) can be found HERE  If you are having trouble installing the presets or have any other questions regarding them, please take a look at our Analog FAQ page.
To purchase, please click on the Add to Cart icon. A download link will be sent to you after you’ve made your payment.

Flypaper Nik Analog Presets

44 Nik Analog Presets

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Presets in the pack are:Amanda Sea, Angel, Beach Walkers, Blue Bowl, Boxes, Branches, Butter Churn, Cabin Door, Driving Fire Truck 2, Fire Truck Green, Fire Truck, Forest, German Helmet, Iris, Key, Misty Day, Mountain Cabin, One Penny, Park Seat, Phone Man, Pink Rose, Redoubt, Scissors, Shells, Skull Lamp, Snow Trees, Soft Pink, Soldier, Spanner, Time Lock, Time, Tin Rose, Tower 2. Tower 3, Tower 4, Tower Redo, Tower, Trees Reflected, Tunnel Man, Two Penny, Wagon Wheels, White Cliff, Wreck.

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