Life on the edge

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Back on a misty autumnal day I visited this Roman excavation site,
I’ve written about it before in Pines in the Mist
This image is from the top of that hill overlooking the famous l’oppidum d’Enserune, a UNESCO protected medieval cartwheel farm system, here, totally obscured by the sea mist. See Here
And that’s Martine with the brood!

I loved the way that the westerly wind has shaped these umbrella pines into distorted bonsai likeness!
Processing is simple, but there is an addition of a lovely stone texture, I’m giving this away free on my Flickr site, Here
But remember its just to incorporate into your images and not to be repackaged or claimed as your own!:-)

Apple Blush ~ Opacity ~ Overlay @ 66%
Caramel Soft ~ Opacity ~ Hard Light @ 22%
Base image ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 13%
Raw Linen ~ Opacity ~ color Burn @ 19%
Free Stone texture ~ Opacity ~ Hard Light @ 60%
Base image ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 35%