Remembering Sam

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First of all, we’ve had a message from Nik regarding the problem some of you were having adding the new presets into Analog 2, they’ve sent me instructions on a fix with screenshots which we can’t figure out how to post here, but we’re happy to forward it to anyone who wants  it, just send us a message to our email

Now the photo, I have inherited much of the family photograph collection including the one peeking out of the book. Sam was my Grandmothers very handsome little brother and like many young New Zealand men of the time went off to what they thought was the “big adventure” of World War One. Ten percent of New Zealand’s  then population  of 1 million fought in WW1 and of those  18 000 died and 40 000 were wounded. Unfortunately Sam wasn’t among those who survived , he got injured in battle, wrote home to his mother saying he was fine, it was only a slight injury, but shortly after writing he succumbed to gangrene and is buried in France.

Now the processing…
I started with a Flypaper Nik preset to tone down the red velvet background.
Flypaper Analog Soldier Preset
Bavarian Suede @ Multiply 100% Masked from the book and photo
Scriptorium @ Overlay 55% Masked as above.

The Analog Soldier preset is from the Fly Analog preset Pack, Bavarian Suede and Scriptorium are from the Paper Painterly Pack.

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