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These little jewels of fruit are growing on a small bush in my garden at the moment. They’re Chilean Guava (Myrtus Ugni),  marketed  here in New Zealand as New Zealand Cranberry. They’re delicious little berries tasting like a mix of strawberry, pineapple and apple, so a real fruit salad flavour. They grow well here in southern New Zealand, not minding the cold, the wet or the dry. I’ve not used them for anything more than a snack but this year I’m going to try cooking with them… muffins, crumble, sauce, pie …mmmm!!

Now the processing
Da Vinci Sketchbook @ Soft light 69% masked softly from the focus fruit
Catacomb Frieze @ Overlay 100% desaturated as I just wanted the texture not the colour
Fly Nik Preset 2 Bone Counters adjusted to taste.
I should add here that it was the preset that made the photo really sing:-)

Da Vinci Sketchbook is from the Paper Painterly Pack, Catacomb Frieze is from the Spring Painterly Pack and the Bone counter preset is from Fly Nik Preset 2 Pack
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