These little jewels of fruit are growing on a small bush in my garden at the moment. They’re Chilean Guava (Myrtus Ugni),¬† marketed¬† here in New Zealand as New Zealand Cranberry. They’re delicious little berries tasting like a mix of strawberry, pineapple and apple, so a real fruit salad flavour. They grow well here in southern New Zealand, not minding the cold, the wet or the dry.

Berry Christmas!

Who needs Christmas decorations when you've got natural ones in the form of berries! These are red currants, the birds get most of the ones on the bushes these days but in the past I've made red currant jelly, ice-cream and even wine! We'd like to take this...


These are the berries of the European Spindle or Euonymus europaeus more commonly called the Spindleberry, or at least that's what I've always called it. The name comes from the fact that its dense pale wood is easily worked and was once used for making spindles and...