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mouse-over for before view. I have always made my own jam, usually from produce I’ve grown in my garden. As well as knowing exactly what’s gone into the jar, you get the satisfaction of eating something that’s completely home made (well apart from the sugar that is). The above is a jar of blackcurrant jam […]

Chasing the wind

Its always nice to wake up and find another one of your babies gracing a published book cover! Here’s today’s, an American thriller, heavily textured with our flypaper painterly textures. Its just a preview copy as its not yet out, so I expect their colours will hopefully not be as muddled as this one with […]

The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted

This publication has just been released so we’re delighted to share! This book cover Designed by Natalie Winter and has to be our favorite production so far! Lavishly produced with folding flaps, embossed type fonts with lavender textures and of course, our dear old flypapers ! Complimentary copy very kindly sent from Allen & Unwin; […]

My first cover!

My first book cover, or at least the first one I’ve managed to find. Although my image (the bird and branches) only makes up a small portion of the cover I’m thrilled! And yes I’ll be buying the book and will even read it, might have to read the previous books in the series first […]

Another Flypaper publication!

Before I start blogging again I thought I’d share this new French book cover publication of mine! Its interesting to show here because the texture I used was one of the first prototype Flypaper Textures! Its now included in the very first Texture pack and is called ‘necropolis’ Unfortunately I cant share this recipe as […]