Sorry it’s been such a long time since our last post! We’ve both been busy with more important things like holidays:-) I have spent a lovely 10 days on the tiny Pacific Island of Niue, it’s such a relaxing and laid back kind of place and I’d love to return some day. I took lots of photos but most didn’t do the place justice and most aren’t really suitable for textures so you may not see them here, but if you picture coconut palms,  very clear water, rock pools to snorkel or swim in  and whales that you can see from the shore you’ll get an idea of what Niue is like.

Softly softly….

I took this yesterday when we visited our hut in the country to the south of Dunedin, everything was wonderfully spring-like with the soft greens of the willows, daffodils amongst the grass, little lambs over the fence and the flowering cherry in full glorious...

The Letter

Here I used our 'Necropolis' texture very lightly.By simply running your mouse over the image you'll see before and after the textures were applied!