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Late Roses

mouse-over for before view. These are almost the last roses of the season and what a wonderful summer and autumn it’s been here too with sunny days, mild temperatures and not as much rain as usual. Winter has arrived today though as has the rain! Roll on spring! This has very simple processing and the […]


  Thought it was time for some more roses to brighten up the blog pages. These are my old favourites Cecile Brunner which are looking particularly beautiful in the garden at the moment, I simply added an old open book et voila! In other news Nat from Webucator Photoshop Training has produced a wonderful and […]

White Roses

  Sorry it’s been so long since our last post here on the blog, we’ve been busy in the background working on a lovely  new texture pack,  you’ll be pleased to know it’s almost done so if you want to be the first to find out about it  please sign up for our mailing list. […]

Pink roses

  These Clair Matin roses are looking particularly beautiful in the garden at the moment in their second flush of flowers for the season so I couldn’t resist picking a few for some photos and also to bring some of their colour and fragrance indoors. I kept the processing fairly light this time to allow […]



The roses in the garden are starting to look slightly bedraggled as they near the end of their season, it being autumn here in the southern hemisphere. The clocks went back this past weekend so I guess it won’t be long till we get a frost. I don’t mind autumn, the golden light at this […]

Roses transformed

This is a photo that’s been sitting in my archives for ages, I didn’t like the dark wood I had shot against so it had been rejected. This afternoon I had a bit of time to play and managed, quite easily too,  to disguise the darkness. It’s inspired me, so hope it might inspire you […]


A recipe for this one was requested by Debbie over at flickr so I thought I’d do a quick blog entry for anyone else interested. The roses are Cecile Brunner commonly known as sweetheart roses, I love their tiny perfect buds and blooms. I took many photos of them yesterday but this one was my […]

New Dawn

One from a while back when my roses were in full bloom, there are still some late season flowers but summer is gone for another year. The soft pink of the New Dawn rose and a blue sponge-ware jug are a great combination in my eyes! I decided to process this softly…I couldn’t really do […]


More roses from my mothers garden, she has inherited lots of standard roses with trunks like small trees! I’m not a big fan of that style of rose bush myself but can see the advantages, you don’t have to bend over to smell them and they’re much easier to weed around, you can also cram […]


I never know what to write about my flower photos here, landscapes are much easier to write about 🙂 So today you’ll just get the processing recipe. I decided on the soft treatment on these roses, I did have more textures to start with, archival canvas and apple blush etc but I decided I liked […]


More lavender, this time with the beautiful pink blooms of New Dawn rose in the background. New Dawn is a particularly vigorous rose which is smothered in soft pink flowers when it’s in full bloom. This leant itself to soft processing so I tried out a new combo of textures this time. Ordinance Map @ […]

Faded Memories

These half dead flowers are the remainder from an earlier photo session but they caught my eye when I was trying out my new 50mm lens. Focusing at f1.4 is very hit and miss I can see even with auto focus 🙂Processed with Flypaper Textures Tarte Tatin @ Soft light 36%and Pompeii Stucco @ screen […]