Flypaper Textures



I’m really enjoying the versatility of our new Fly Edge textures. I’ve used them as straight texture without the edges but here I decided that the grungy look would enhance this image.

To start with, I roughly cloned some colour into the upper pale section of the photo
The processing was really simple. I used the same texture 3 times.
Fly Edge #21 @ Overlay 65%
Fly Edge #21 @ Hard light 51%
Fly Edge #21 @ multiply 56% (this was to darken the top of the image so I used a graduated mask to remove a little of the texture from the already dark lower section of the photo)
After a final curves adjustment to tweak the tone, it was done.
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Almost every time I go to the beach I come home with a pocket full of small shells and stones and suchlike. Most of these ones came from a beach near the entrance to our harbour where there are lots of these tiny treasures underfoot.
I processed these with textures from our new Fly Edges pack. I only used two of the edges here, but could have used a different combo and got quite a different look. I am enjoying the effect the new textures give and their versatility, they make great textures as well as edges given the right photo.
The recipe is as follows, I used both edges with their edges showing.

Fly edge 2 @ Screen 52%
Fly edge 21 @ soft light 100% (I inverted this layer but it probably wasn’t necessary)
Hue Saturation layer to make things soft and lighter
Copy of background @ Soft Light 64%
Fly edge 21@ Overlay 100% with a little texture removed from the centre
A curves layer to tweak the tone and contrast..

Power Line

Another one of my “out the car window”  shots where I’ve had to do a little “cleaning” of the pesky fence posts that appeared in the raw image  -what would we do without photoshop 🙂 This was taken in the early evening light on our way home from visiting family in Central Otago over Easter. I liked the way the textures have added depth and given it a painted feel.
See it on Flickr

Processed as follows using textures from both packs.
Necropolis @ overlay 75%  with a slight tweak of tone with a hue saturation layer
Peach Blush @ Mulitply 65%
Algae @ Overlay 100 % with the texture removed from the lower section ( I used this and the following layer to give the sky its greenish tinge)
Algae@ Overlay 16%
Levels layer to tweak tone
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Good Friday shirt

I’d like to show how I did this surreal effect a little later,
as I have a few more ideas to realize and don’t want to spoil
the magic just yet.

However, with the addition of just one Flypaper texture and a little
color desaturation, the image was pulled together, enhancing the otherworldly, surreal ‘atmosphere’.
As its a portrait format image, I just pulled our square format texture down the image. I didn’t brush off any texture from the shirt as I wanted the image softened slightly.
(for a bigger view look at my Redbubble site, link to the right)

Happy Easter! 🙂

Flypaper Lime Plaster – Soft Light @ 100%
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Into the Light

I love these climbing hydrangea flowers, although they’re dead, they’re still delicate and beautiful, they’re even better a little later in the season when they look like lacy butterflies. Unfortunately I don’t have plant of my own but take photos of the one that grows at our local Botanic Gardens just a short walk from where I live. Last year there were lots of these wonderful dried flowers, but this year I’ve noticed that the plant has been pruned already so there are only a few of these left for me to photograph, fingers crossed they don’t cut it back even more.

See it on  Flickr

Okay, on to the processing, I did toy with using one of the new textures we’ve been working on, the one I tried looked wonderful on this image too, but changed my mind and used a texture from each of the current packs, including one I haven’t used as often as I should namely Basalt, although it’s a dark looking texture, this doesn’t come out in the photo.

Basalt @ soft light 100%
Dark blue colour layer @ exclusion 37%
Grosgrain @ Screen 10%
Then I decided to add some drama, so using a sun burst brush I enhanced the flare in the corner (this was done on a new layer)
Then it was just a matter of a a curves layer, and a copy of the background @ Soft Light 50% and it was done
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Cherry Blossoms

This is a simple version of the desaturated Cherry Blossom image
I have up on Flickr. I’m not showing the full version’s recipe because
it incorporates a new texture from the upcoming pack!
We hope to complete the new pack soon, so please watch this space!

To get this look, I first polarized the sky, to make it darker, which has already been done to the base image above, then used:

Lime plaster – Hard Light @ 97%
To remove the darker base section, simply pull the texture lower than the image and crop.
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Dream Beach

This is a view towards the wonderful white limestone cliffs at the end  of  Napenape beach near Cheviot in Canterbury. When we were there it was all but deserted, apart from a woman surf-casting and a small cluster of caravans used by fishermen there wasn’t a soul in site.   The beach is made up of small loose pebbles interspersed with larger limestone rocks and we certainly got a workout on our walk -it was one of those two steps forward, one backwards type of beaches 🙂

This was processed relatively easily and I used another texture which strangely I have rarely used (though I’ve seen lots of other people using it to good effect)  namely Sunflower skies. I tend to get in a bit of a rut with textures and use the same ones over and over. I’ll definitely be using this combo again though, when I find the right photo.

Sunflower skies @ Overlay 54%
Antique Liasons @ Overlay 100 % blurred with a 4.4 Gaussian blur
Cream colour fill layer @ Soft light 46%
Soft Green colour fill layer @ hue 14 %
Then to tweak the tone I used a curves, levels, and finally a selective colour layer.
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Make-over winner!

This week a texture contest came to an end over at our friends site; Elizabeth We’d like to thank all who entered and add that picking a winner was very difficult.
I think, finally it was the mist we liked in this winning farm scene by Christopher Miller featuring his own farmhouse/barn in the US.
Simply mouse-over to view his raw entry.

Processing blown-out skies is always a problem, what do you do?
This image is also very bottom heavy, so we tried to bring some balance, pulling it together with heavy texturing.

Normally texturing isn’t as complicated as we’re showing here, and also, we don’t usually use as many textures, perhaps up to three is normal?
But I wasn’t happy with my first attempt (see below) So I tried again, the result is the second yellow image below.
Finally, we decided we liked the atmosphere of the first, but loved the yellow glow of the second, so I simply merged to two images together!
The final result is the mouse-over image at the header.

I always process using Photoshop CS4, though any previous Photoshop would work just as well as the Elements edition.

First stage
Here is the recipe for the first base image:
Background copy 2 – Luminosity @ 28%
Background copy 3 (grass brushed away) – Color @ 100%
Apple Blush (center only) – Darker Color @ 30%
Dangerous Liaisons – Overlay @ 66%
Orient Express (blurred) – Soft Light @ 100%
Ming (desaturated) – Overlay @ 100%
Background copy 5 (grass brushed away) – Hue @ 100%
Background copy 4 (grass brushed away) – Color @ 45%
Labyrinth (hedge brushed away) Linear Burn @ 82%
Labyrinth (Desaturated, blurred, all darker base part of picture brushed away) Color @ 81%

first layers

The result, a washed out dark version

It needed more light so I did another version…

Here is the recipe for the second lighter version.
Background copy – Normal @ 100%
Background copy 2 – Luminosity @ 28%
Apple Blush (desaturated) – Multiply @ 33%
Dangerous Liaisons (full blur) – Hard Light @ 58%
Muscatel – Soft Light @ 31%
Labyrinth (Blurred, edges pulled away from the picture, using the pale inside part only) – Vivid Light @ 40%

2nd set

This is the result, a pale yellow version.

In this third, final stage I simply merged to two previous versions together as shown..
First base image – Normal @ 100%
2nd lighter version – Overlay @ 31 %

3rd set

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The Sheep and the Rock

This was taken when I was away on holiday almost a month ago. We decided to explore some of the countryside around the little town of Cheviot where we were staying for a day or so and we ended up on a road leading high into the hills. It started as an ordinary country (gravel) road but soon turned into a grassy farm track and at times we wondered if we were lost, but after an hour or so of back road driving and many gates we came out where we were supposed to, at a valley on the other side of the hills.
Canterbury sheep seem to be much better trained than Otago ones, they stand still beautifully for photos and are very cooperative when it comes to composition too 🙂

Now the processing….to start with I used Paul’s painterly effect (the before version has already had the effect applied. Then it was texture time
Chlorophyll @ multiply 61% desaturated and the texture removed from the lower portion
Apple Blush @ Soft Light 51%
Necropolis @ Overlay 85% with much of the texture removed from the sky
Necropolis @ Soft Light 34% with the some of the texture removed from the land
Then after a final tweak of tone and contrast using levels and curves adjustments I called it done.
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les visiteurs

Captured from the hip on my way up to the spectacular bell-view, previously photographed many times, next door to the cathedral,
which can just be glimpsed at the top, behind the end house.
I spent hours removing the electrical clutter, mostly from the right hand side of the lane and the horrible council bins behind the people.
This lane is normally littered with restaurant tables, I even once saw a rather ‘merry’ Mayor of London eating at this very same lane, I’m not saying which though!

I decided to paint over the couple and turn them into snappy silhouettes! I did this before adding these textures;

Raw Linen, (blurred) Vivid Light @ 34%
Caramel soft (blurred) Overlay @ 100%
Labyrinth (blurred) Soft Light @ 18%
Base Image copy – Luminosity @ 10%
Merge all.
To get the Blue/Green tones, I made a green version and a blue version, I merged together and thought, this needs more texture!
So, I added a final extra copy of:
Labyrinth – Overlay @ 87%
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