Surreal Luggage Label

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Just wanted to show this surreal use of the new Luggage Labels overlays, as well as thank Adobe’s Russell Brown and Thomas Ruark for their ingenious new updates to Russell’s Texture Panel to which we contributed ten more Flypaper testers to freshen up the new panel which is freely available to all Photoshop CC 2014 account holders – another excellent reason for upgrading!
New features include easy uploading all our full size texture sets with its ingenious addition of an automated thumbnail installer, this addition generates a thumb nail of all the textures, the panel then uses these thumbs to vastly increase the speed of uploading your full size textures. You only need to do this procedure the first time you upload a texture set, after that, the Panel will automate all future uploads itself.

Other new features include a handy mouseover action to show the name of textures and additional random effect buttons. Our Flypaper Textures hot link can now be found at the bottom and it’s a new pop out feature, so you can still pop to the flypaper shop to fill your texture panel with loads more yummy textures and overlays!
Please watch Russell’s new video before installing, and remember, after removing old panels and installing please don’t forget to reboot, then the new panel will appear. The panel can be found in the Add On’s section of CC 2014.
And finally if you have any problems we’ve put together a new FAQ sheet Here.

Getting back to the the image, a simple French Church clock from near the Swiss border, I liked the simplicity of the oversized clock and the stucco’s cracked texture but also thought I could use it to show a new possible surreal use with the Label overlays, I first textured the image and later dropped one of our round luggage labels onto it in the layers, its Valira Andorra, from Pack two – easily warping it to fit. I also used the new Texture Panel to load it, turning the opacity to 50% whilst warping it into place, then bringing back the full opacity when happy.

These luggage labels can be dropped onto your images to add interest, simply warping them to fit their surrounding location. This is just one use we’ve thought of, and btw, if any of you luggage label collectors are interested in buying the original vintage hard copies, please email me, Paul   at

Somov – Soft Light @ 33%
Labyrinth – Soft Light @ 100%
Brushed Rose – Soft Light @ 52%
Stygian Tin – Overlay @ 62%
Aegean – Soft Light @ 72%
Valira Andorra – Normal @ 100%

Somov and Aegean are from the Paper Painterly Pack, Labyrinth  is from Tex Box 2, Stygian Tin and Brushed Rose are from the Summer Painterly Pack amd Valira Andorra is from Luggage Labels Pack Two

Please visit our Pack page or Combo Pack page to buy Flypaper Textures. Or our Preset Page to buy Nik Presets.