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  Thought it was time for some more roses to brighten up the blog pages. These are my old favourites Cecile Brunner which are looking particularly beautiful in the garden at the moment, I simply added an old open book et voila! In other news Nat from Webucator Photoshop Training has produced a wonderful and […]

Remembering Sam

  First of all, we’ve had a message from Nik regarding the problem some of you were having adding the new presets into Analog 2, they’ve sent me instructions on a fix with screenshots which we can’t figure out how to post here, but we’re happy to forward it to anyone who wants  it, just […]


  I’ve always written a diary, I started when I was about 10, probably imitating my father initially as he is a diary writer too. My diaries are on the whole pretty factual and boring, except during my teenage years when with the usual teen angst, I poured out my thoughts on life, boys, so […]

Still Life Photography

  Several months ago our old friend Kevin from Flickr asked us if we would contribute to his new Ebook‘s chapter on Textures, naturally we were delighted as Kevin is now coincided to be one of the worlds best photographic still life artists with his complex multi layered historic story telling! We supplied one textured […]

Stormy Sea now a book cover

  It’s always exciting to discover  one of your photos used on a book cover so I was very happy to spy this Getty licensed Flypaper textured one being used so beautifully on the cover of this new book,  Miss Fuller by April Bernard. The recipe has been published before but to save you having […]

The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted

This publication has just been released so we’re delighted to share! This book cover Designed by Natalie Winter and has to be our favorite production so far! Lavishly produced with folding flaps, embossed type fonts with lavender textures and of course, our dear old flypapers ! Complimentary copy very kindly sent from Allen & Unwin; […]

The miracle of positive thought

Its always a pleasure to share our published images. This book came out a few days ago, shot last summer, we’ve already shared the recipe, but here we’ve brought the two together! Translation: Where there is a will there is a way! The miracle of positive thought. This was shot a few mins after sunrise […]

My first cover!

My first book cover, or at least the first one I’ve managed to find. Although my image (the bird and branches) only makes up a small portion of the cover I’m thrilled! And yes I’ll be buying the book and will even read it, might have to read the previous books in the series first […]

In Print!

No texture recipe today but I thought I’d share my news. I’ve finally found one of my Getty licensed photos in a use. My pear  photo was used to illustrate a still life tutorial in the recently published  The Complete Photographer  by Tom Ang. Finding my photo in a book was nice but finding it […]

My favourite things….

Just looking at this photo conjurers up the smell of lavender for me. I have a huge lavender bush growing beside the path up to our gate, another grown from a cutting I filched from somewhere. It’s nice to be able to walk past it an rub your hands over it release the scent, watching […]