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  I hope you’re all enjoying the New French Receipt overlays as much as I am. Although they can probably be classed as a niche product they’re great for adding a little something extra to photos, you do need the right photo though and still lifes with a bit of negative space are perfect. As […]

Old Glass

  Another from my “famous” basement with it’s lovely winter window light which is naturally diffused through a very grimy window (no one is allowed to clean it!).  The problem is the basement is unheated and in midwinter it’s freezing down there so I don’t visit as often I could in additon the light is […]

HDR Bottle

I came across this antique French Quinine bottle in the dunes, it had arrived on the high spring tides and made a nice change from the other modern plastic rubbish we get! Quinine was extensively used here in my area in the south of France as an everyday treatment for Malaria. We don’t have it […]