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La Balance


  In France balance is everything, I live near two coastal volcano’s; looking eastward from our beach we can see Agde and ten miles further along the coast on a clear day we can see Sete, which is an island connected by a spit of land. Back in London we celebrated the 2000 millennium on […]

Belle Toute Lighthouse

On my recent visit to England I returned to an old haunt of mine, along the cliff edges of the Severn sisters. When I lived in London I’d often drive down to this place to get some fresh air and walk the dog. This ‘Belle Toute’ lighthouse was then on the top of the hill […]

jetty shadows

After a bit of an Epiphany the other day about my last blog posting, I decided to work on a cleaned up idealized version. Purists might blanch, (and probably shouldn’t be here anyway!) but I’ve merged two images together and removed the cluttering couple! The council bin has also gone by simply cloning out, and […]

sea walkers

We’re lucky in this far western tip of the French Côte d’Azur area, with our crisp clear skies, making these wonderfully dramatic shadows. The downside is the very dry North Westerly windchill from the surrounding mountains. This wind is called the Tramontane – meaning north wind which also keeps the winter clouds at bay, so […]