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More lavender, this time with the beautiful pink blooms of New Dawn rose in the background. New Dawn is a particularly vigorous rose which is smothered in soft pink flowers when it’s in full bloom. This leant itself to soft processing so I tried out a new combo of textures this time. Ordinance Map @ […]

Cypress hill

Seen from the motorway to the black mountains the other day. This large, handsome, lollipop or feather duster shaped Cypress tree – begged to have its portrait taken! After a quick detour, I shot it with two overlapping exposures, camera on its side in portrait mode, two join-able shots. As I could never get as […]

ruined windmill story

Our Southern French countryside is dotted with these ancient stone windmill ruins. There must be hundreds but I’ve seen only a couple that have been restored. The backdrop being our black mountains, which help to protect our Mediterranean coastal plains from the worst excesses of the northern European winter cold.The field contains freshly planted vines, […]