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Afternoon Shade

  For my final blog post before my trip to England, I found an image from my last trip to Rye in East Sussex, a lovely medieval silted up port. I spent an afternoon walking up and down the narrow cobbled lanes and even bought small antique china and enamel retro kitchen ware from twee […]

le grand mouche – the big fly!

A strong dry wind has been blowing through our area for so long, even the palm trees have been wind burnt on their north sides, and our natural beaches have lost much of their lovely dune tops and are now smeared all over the place! Taking a good camera into such sandblasted conditions, is at […]

Life goes on

Another human for our professional readers!Taken on a professional Portrait shoot with French Artist, Martine Roch a couple of years ago. This one was never used but I now like the little surreal looking figure with a bucket in the corner!It was shot in that cold, sharp April light, the shadows being so dark, it […]