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Adobe Pro Panel

  We’re delighted to show you Russell Brown’s new free Pro Texture Panel! Exclusively available to Adobe Cloud paid members only. As you can see from the screenshots texture thumbs its darker, grungier and moodier, even our green Flypaper sales button now has grunge! This time we wanted to offer a totally different palette because […]

lone tree on Christmas day

Another picture from the same Christmas day sunset shoot as the previously blogged snowman. I knelt down in the snow for this shot, and used the same Cokin mild ND2 graduated filter as before. Processing was simple, and with the addition of a slight clone-over, removed the distracting buildings behind the tree. Base copy slight […]

fire and ice

After a late Xmas lunch I spied a lovely sunset, so arming myself with borrowed wellingtons, set off across the Surrey fields and over frozen streams and fences to get some better views, as the area is heavily wooded. I’d previously treated myself to a cheapish Cokin ND graduated filter (ND2), after my last disastrous […]

Snow Road

I have just returned from a wonderful long weekend at Lake Tekapo which is nestled at  the base of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. While the weather wasn’t perfect, the magnificent snowy mountains were hidden from view by low cloud most of the time. Fortunately, I did manage to capture several soft misty atmospheric scenes, which […]

snow hedge

Another grungy snow scene from the plateau at the top of our local southern French mountains. Shot towards the sun in raw mode with the polarizer lens. Lost Void – Opacity – Overlay @ 100% Lost Void (flipped vertically) – Opacity – Overlay@ 100% Colosseum Sienna – Opacity – Soft Light @ 100% Lime plaster […]

edge of the pines

After waiting for snow for much of the winter, I finally gave in and drove up into our local mountains in search of the precious white powder! After a great day and many worth while captures, this was the final shot, with a polarizer filter in raw mode. Taken during the last half hour of […]

Last snow

For this misty winter farm-track scene I used;Apple blush @ Vivid light – Opacity 37% Fill 34%Grosgrain @ Hard Light – Opacity 27%, Fill 28%Caramel soft @ Opacity 86%, Fill 100%

Mist in the trees tutorial

For this misty mountain top landscape, I used just two flypaper textures, Raw Linen @ Linear burn setting 46% and opacity at 63% although I liked it, I didn’t need the texture, so I blurred it with Gaussian blur for a smooth finish. Necropolis was used in Overlay @ 55%, Opacity 56% So we come […]