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French Toys and Naturalbits Pro Pack

French Toys Overlays NaturalBits Pro Sized Pack For our final release of 2012 we have a large collection of vintage French Toys and Gifts png image files which amount to around 500. The subject gave us the idea to add a seasonal touch with 3 extra sheets of vintage greetings card headers to set you guys […]


  After creating and blogging the original image and recipe several weeks ago, we teamed up with the famous US Artist and print technique innovator, Bonny Pierce Lhotka to host a small taster pack of her highly original textures. To try out Bonny’s Nature bits taster pack, I used my ready flypaper textured image, and […]

Old Glass

  Another from my “famous” basement with it’s lovely winter window light which is naturally diffused through a very grimy window (no one is allowed to clean it!).  The problem is the basement is unheated and in midwinter it’s freezing down there so I don’t visit as often I could in additon the light is […]


seed after

  I have been playing with textures from the Natural Bits Taster Pack, and  for me at least, I’ve discovered that they work better on darker  moody images, so I did some archive surfing and turned up this. It’s a seed from the Shoo Fly plant (Nicandra physalodes) which grows very readily in my garden […]

NaturalBits Taster Pack

Naturalbits taster

  Here at flypaper central we love experimental imagery, so we were doubly pleased to meet up with Bonny Pierce Lhotka, the famous west coast Digital Alchemy book writer and experimental art printer innovator and inventor! Bonny has many fabulous large plate textures she wanted to share, and as we already have this outlet, we […]