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Roman bridge into mist

Welcome to the Autumn seasons textured images! Here’s another from my misty morning set, our local ancient Roman bridge into our little old Beziers! Of our several crossings Its my favorite bridge, its both narrow and winding and takes just one lane of light traffic. Its also historic as its the bridge that the medieval […]

Voyage through canal mist

A big thanks to Ellen for her kind texture feature on dpreview and a warm welcome to their visiting fans! Once again its the time of year for my favorite misty, foggy mornings in the Mediterranean! As soon as I open my shutters and spy mist outside, I need to work fast, as the sun […]

Chasing the wind

Its always nice to wake up and find another one of your babies gracing a published book cover! Here’s today’s, an American thriller, heavily textured with our flypaper painterly textures. Its just a preview copy as its not yet out, so I expect their colours will hopefully not be as muddled as this one with […]

Thom Cross – Standing on the Edge of the World

Yet another Flypaper product to share, this time an indie pop CD/EP! Several months ago I was contacted by Thom, originally a New Zealander, and now a London based musician who wanted to use one or two of my images, naturally I was delighted to help, and sorted him out with this and another image, […]

Canal avenue

Having started this image months ago I abandoned it. Jill reminded me of it and so I reluctantly had another go! I used the original textured image and simply added more. It created this picture up on Fickr. Unfortunately the quality was too small as a ‘keeper’ being only 72 dpi, so I started again. […]


Last week, armed with a piece of black card, I took the dog a walk to our local Park of the poets to photograph iceland poppies, thankfully as the wind was low I managed several acceptable shots. See it on Flickr . Later, at the duck pond I took a few experimental shots, I couldn’t […]

Good Friday shirt

I’d like to show how I did this surreal effect a little later, as I have a few more ideas to realize and don’t want to spoil the magic just yet. However, with the addition of just one Flypaper texture and a little color desaturation, the image was pulled together, enhancing the otherworldly, surreal ‘atmosphere’. […]

Cherry Blossoms

This is a simple version of the desaturated Cherry Blossom image I have up on Flickr. I’m not showing the full version’s recipe because it incorporates a new texture from the upcoming pack! We hope to complete the new pack soon, so please watch this space! To get this look, I first polarized the sky, […]

les visiteurs

Captured from the hip on my way up to the spectacular bell-view, previously photographed many times, next door to the cathedral, which can just be glimpsed at the top, behind the end house. I spent hours removing the electrical clutter, mostly from the right hand side of the lane and the horrible council bins behind […]

hydrangea resting on a stool

Continuing in a pale Dutch mood, this image was post processed in almost the same simple way as the last pears image, but omitting the muscatel texture. The stripped Stool is originally antique English country furniture. Lime Plaster (flipped vertically) Hard Light @ 50% Lime Plaster (flipped vertically and brushed from flowers) Hard Light @ […]

nature morte

Firstly, I must fess-up, I’m not too used to still-life set-ups, as they’re a bit of a new thing for me. But knowing those few basics about three being better than two and five being better than four objects, gets you into the right arrondissement of Nature Morte! Don’t ask me why, I suppose seeing […]

soft blues

Its uncanny, but when I look at this image, I’m transported back to painting scenic backdrops for Harrods Bridal windows! I had the job of doing all the back few dozen windows, all the while being chased from window to window by the designers. Not that they had Cornishware in those windows, but the ‘look’ […]

hare tricks

With Easter on its way, hopping through all this thawing snow, I thought I’d try something a little experimental as well as seasonal with our textures. I was after an antique surreal scene, perhaps in the style of the old master Alfred Stieglitz ‘Camera Work’. I used an old wine crate from my cellar, (with […]

brushes (with the law)

In my little old French house I have a kind of a studio, where the walls are still rough as I’ve not yet decorated . It used to belong to a Dutch professor of colour therapy. He’s still in France because I keep getting his speeding tickets! Anyhow, he said this top north facing room […]

The Chase

This is proof that it pays to keep your camera handy! I just managed to capture the lead figure before he was lost into shadow. The before image has already had the Painterly effect and a texture. I removed the green lens flare by painting the warm texture tones with Color Burn to cancel out […]

Beach lookout

Back at the beach lookout, the same beach as the red boat picture and on the same day. I’d have to describe this as a bone effect. Firstly, I processed as below then finished with a final colour tweak. This removed the warm tones left by the textures. Finally, I removed the red cross sign […]

retro red boat

Back down from the mountains, on our local French Mediterranean beach the other day. I spied this washed up boat with sea foam in one of our local salt water lakes or ‘etangs’ in French, which are just behind our sand dunes. To achieve this easy retro look I first used the old Painterly effect.. […]

snow hedge

Another grungy snow scene from the plateau at the top of our local southern French mountains. Shot towards the sun in raw mode with the polarizer lens. Lost Void – Opacity – Overlay @ 100% Lost Void (flipped vertically) – Opacity – Overlay@ 100% Colosseum Sienna – Opacity – Soft Light @ 100% Lime plaster […]

Valras from the sea

This is a view of my local resort of Valras. I don’t go too often as its normally crowded with vacationers from up north, but winter offers off-season opportunities of sleepy dereliction! This image is taken from above the sea, on a rock Jetty. Its a kind of view you’d get normally only get from […]

smooth skater

In the north of France, Martine and I visited an ice-skating rink. As there were some kind of championships taking place we took our camera’s and spent a very cold hour or two, shooting hundreds of ambient lit photographs. I’d never been to such a show before and was thus amazed to see these kids […]

edge of the pines

After waiting for snow for much of the winter, I finally gave in and drove up into our local mountains in search of the precious white powder! After a great day and many worth while captures, this was the final shot, with a polarizer filter in raw mode. Taken during the last half hour of […]

white barn II

Goodness, how time flies on the net! Last week we received an email asking for fuller recipes of our early images from way back, at the time of last summer’s launch. It came as a surprise to me as I couldn’t remember our early blogs being so minimal! Thus, to rectify at least one post, […]

jetty shadows

After a bit of an Epiphany the other day about my last blog posting, I decided to work on a cleaned up idealized version. Purists might blanch, (and probably shouldn’t be here anyway!) but I’ve merged two images together and removed the cluttering couple! The council bin has also gone by simply cloning out, and […]

sea walkers

We’re lucky in this far western tip of the French Côte d’Azur area, with our crisp clear skies, making these wonderfully dramatic shadows. The downside is the very dry North Westerly windchill from the surrounding mountains. This wind is called the Tramontane – meaning north wind which also keeps the winter clouds at bay, so […]