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On Frozen Pond

mouse-over for before view. I believe this is the first Flypaper Edges 3 blog so Im pleased to be able to post an already popular image I posted a couple of days ago on my Face Book and Flickr accounts! Captured a few weeks ago in the coldest part of winter when the farm pond […]

Edges 3 Launch

Click for a bigger view Need to add authentic age to Steampunk imagery or attain a fantasy Alice in Wonderland photographic look? Did you yearn for a natural large plate format photographic feel? Have you ever wanted natural un-contrived edges that are not the everyday humdrum TTV retro, but something a little bit special? Then […]

Antique Edges 2 launch

Click on the mosaic for a bigger view Welcome to our Flypaper Textures 5th anniversary launch and our 2nd much requested new set of Edges! This all new derived antique glass plate negative set is slightly different from the first set as we’ve knocked back the brightness to make blending easier, we also decided to […]

Martello Tower

  This Martello tower is the most northerly of the original remaining 103 towers erected and is situated in Aldeburgh on England’s east coasts Suffolk county, built around 200 years ago to defend England from Napoleon, for which happily they were never needed. But later used in WW2 for various gun postings. These days  several […]


  Another image from the grounds of Leeds Castle in Kent, I came across this interesting themed hillside camp-site situated beyond their large vineyard which can be glimpsed in the background, and found they’re now running a new Glamping site! All these lovely fresh new tents with their different primary colours were glowing in the […]

end of the line

  Today I wanted to show how I produced this textural feast of a picture using both texture panels of Russell Brown’s new Pro-panel. Naturally I started off with first texture set 1 or if you have the Taster pack, they are the same textures but in a loose format. Also, if you later want […]

Still Life Photography

  Several months ago our old friend Kevin from Flickr asked us if we would contribute to his new Ebook‘s chapter on Textures, naturally we were delighted as Kevin is now coincided to be one of the worlds best photographic still life artists with his complex multi layered historic story telling! We supplied one textured […]

Old Glass

  Another from my “famous” basement with it’s lovely winter window light which is naturally diffused through a very grimy window (no one is allowed to clean it!).  The problem is the basement is unheated and in midwinter it’s freezing down there so I don’t visit as often I could in additon the light is […]



I dont think I ate an artichoke until I was a student? After finishing a water-colour still-life of them, as it would have been a crime to throw them out. I’m not saying we lived on just potatoes and boiled cabbage, but up in Yorkshire such things were frowned upon and were seen as being […]

Vase of Lisianthus

After a hectic summer working non-stop, I decided to treat myself by reinvesting my earnings in a Photographic lighting studio set-up. Its still very basic. (more about that next time) And as Canon 5D had no flash I had to buy one. At least i’m ready for those darker Autumnal months! I painted my top […]

Grunge Hydrangea

I reprocessed this image for Mary’s article over at the Digital Photography School,  to help illustrate how using different textures on the same image can  completely change the feel of a photo, it’s one of the things textures are so useful for. The earlier version is much more soft, dreamy and subtle. Anyway, here’s what […]


First of all I thought  I’d tell you about the Photoshop texture blending scripts created by our friends over at Digital Outback Photo,  they’re pretty easy to use and great for the photographer in a hurry! I do have a blueberry bush in my garden but this year for some reason they didn’t crop very […]


A few days ago I took delivery of a Lensbaby composer lens, it’s something I have had my eyes on for ages but spurred on by Paul’s photos taken using his, I decided to take the plunge. I’ve loved it so far and it’s hardly been off the camera though I’m still coming to grips […]

Cone Flower

These cone flowers or echinacea are such beautiful photographic subjects with their bold spiky centres and pretty colours. This is a white form that grows at  my local Botanic Garden. I do have a plant of my own which I notice is just coming into flower for the first time, it’s been slightly overshadowed by […]

Grunge flowers

Just to show that I don’t just do pale soft flowers and also to show how textures (and toning) can change the entire feel of an image.  Our fly edges work well on black and white images especially if you want to portray a gritty “early photography” look. I started by converting the base image […]

National Grid

This was taken when I visited the lovely hot pools resort village of Hanmer Springs NZ, last weekend. Just over the hill from town the countryside becomes much wilder and  very picturesque with largely unspoiled tussock land and snowy mountains -that is  apart from the ever present power pylons which follow the road. They take […]

Sunday Stroll

I’ve got lots of photos like this with distant people walking on the beach, at one stage I’d have wanted an completely deserted beach but now I seek out opportunities like this.  Luckily our beaches down here are often all but deserted, especially at this time of the year. Now the processing, I think I […]

In the corner of a French field

This French farm stone mazet or finca was leaning in an alarming way, anybody who’s seen the leaning tower of Pisa would instantly get the idea! So, I corrected it by slightly pinching the ground with the CS warp. These structures were lived in by poor Mediterranean farmers, normally just two rooms, one up, one […]

Grunge Bluebell

It’s midwinter here in New Zealand so this one is from last spring -I’m counting the days (or maybe months) till they’re in flower again, in fact I’m looking forward to having any flowers in the garden. There are some weeds still flowering (must be why weeds are so successful) so I think I’ll have […]


Last week when the sun finally came out after several days of rain I paid a visit to my favourite plant at the local botanic gardens, as I’ve mentioned before the plant has been pruned more heavily this year so I have to stretch to find any of these dried beauties to photograph. It took […]

Pastel Blues

The teapot in this photo is my newest acquisition, bought from a local charity shop especially for photographic purposes -always a good excuse 🙂 I’d been taking photos of it by itself but then I spied my hydrangeas and voila! Processing for a change was relatively simple. Only two textures. Ming @ Overlay 38% this […]

Basic Layer mask tutorial

Another wet day here so I decided to do a very basic tutorial on masking in photoshop. Using a mask is how I remove unwanted texture from parts of an image, it’s a great way to do this as it’s fully reversible and adjustable. Mouseover the image above to see the before photo. I started […]

New Fly Edges Texture Pack!

Click for a bigger view ( Go HERE for more Fly Edge detail images ) Ever needed the original Alice in Wonderland photographic look? Did you yearn for a natural large plate format photographic feel? Have you ever wanted natural un-contrived edges that are not the everyday humdrum TTV retro, but something a little bit […]

Blue Monday

It’s been wet here today with a lot more predicted so it seemed a perfect opportunity to take some photos of this fading hydrangea bloom. Unusually for me I’ve only used a couple of textures on this one so the processing is fairly simple. Ming @ overlay 55% Fly edge 18 @ screen 33 % […]