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Last week, armed with a piece of black card, I took the dog a walk to our local Park of the poets to photograph iceland poppies, thankfully as the wind was low I managed several acceptable shots. See it on Flickr . Later, at the duck pond I took a few experimental shots, I couldn’t […]

Good Friday shirt

I’d like to show how I did this surreal effect a little later, as I have a few more ideas to realize and don’t want to spoil the magic just yet. However, with the addition of just one Flypaper texture and a little color desaturation, the image was pulled together, enhancing the otherworldly, surreal ‘atmosphere’. […]

Cherry Blossoms

This is a simple version of the desaturated Cherry Blossom image I have up on Flickr. I’m not showing the full version’s recipe because it incorporates a new texture from the upcoming pack! We hope to complete the new pack soon, so please watch this space! To get this look, I first polarized the sky, […]

the winter group

The other day on our freezing beach. Shot with my 75-300mm zoom lens, this scene was captured from a great distance of a neighboring beach. Because its from a distance the people look much closer together than they were! Not shown on my base image are a line of fishing rods and a fisherman sat […]

Cypress hill

Seen from the motorway to the black mountains the other day. This large, handsome, lollipop or feather duster shaped Cypress tree – begged to have its portrait taken! After a quick detour, I shot it with two overlapping exposures, camera on its side in portrait mode, two join-able shots. As I could never get as […]


I’ve kept this one back a few months because it was a first try-out with the as then unpublished; Lost Void & Lime Plaster textures.Its just a shot of Geraniums & ivy on our north facing window ledge.They caught the sunlight glancing off the stone house windows opposite.I liked the way this texture combination gives […]

m e s s e n g e r

A dull afternoon on the beach found me on my knees trying to get a low level shot. Overcast days are perfect to try moody, grainy textures.The idea behind this picture was ‘a Message in a bottle’, but from the bottles perspective!The Lime Plaster somehow helps give that ‘old distorted glass effect’ . Tex Pack […]