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Another small scented treasure that’s flowering in my garden at the moment. Lily-of-the-valley is one of my favourite flowers and I look forward to its season every year.  It’s amazing how such a small flower can give so much fragrance, a tiny sprig can fill a room with it’s scent. Now the processing, I didn’t […]

Pumpkin seat son!

Summers strong clear light is great but Textures and Autumn were made for each other! Less than 2 weeks ago we were bathing in the sea and basking in 90F here in the south of France, now the heaters are on low as there is a chilly north wind a-blowing. With it comes the Mediterraneans […]


It’s been a while since we updated the blog, we’ve both been busy with other things.  I’ve been trying to get my garden organised amongst other things, I spent some of today planting my vegetable garden, I’m looking forward to heirloom rainbow carrots this season along with golden globe beetroot and celeriac, providing they grow […]

Thom Cross – Standing on the Edge of the World

Yet another Flypaper product to share, this time an indie pop CD/EP! Several months ago I was contacted by Thom, originally a New Zealander, and now a London based musician who wanted to use one or two of my images, naturally I was delighted to help, and sorted him out with this and another image, […]


I’m just back from a short holiday at Kaikoura, a lovely coastal town several hundred kilometres north of here. Kaikoura is famed for its whale watching but there’s much more to do…wildlife, fishing seals, wild beaches, walks etc etc…. My holiday coincided with one of the most widespread snow falls we’ve had in New Zealand […]

Girl with teddies

In England I bought a full size double hospital X-ray light box from Ebay, cost me next to nothing, but boy did I get burnt for the extra baggage on the flight home! So, I’ve been going through the old negatives, and came across this shoot with my niece, proudly showing her party outfit in […]

The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted

This publication has just been released so we’re delighted to share! This book cover Designed by Natalie Winter and has to be our favorite production so far! Lavishly produced with folding flaps, embossed type fonts with lavender textures and of course, our dear old flypapers ! Complimentary copy very kindly sent from Allen & Unwin; […]

Roses transformed

This is a photo that’s been sitting in my archives for ages, I didn’t like the dark wood I had shot against so it had been rejected. This afternoon I had a bit of time to play and managed, quite easily too,  to disguise the darkness. It’s inspired me, so hope it might inspire you […]


A few days ago I took delivery of a Lensbaby composer lens, it’s something I have had my eyes on for ages but spurred on by Paul’s photos taken using his, I decided to take the plunge. I’ve loved it so far and it’s hardly been off the camera though I’m still coming to grips […]

Cone Flower

These cone flowers or echinacea are such beautiful photographic subjects with their bold spiky centres and pretty colours. This is a white form that grows at  my local Botanic Garden. I do have a plant of my own which I notice is just coming into flower for the first time, it’s been slightly overshadowed by […]

my own private little vineyard

Sunday morning was misty with freezing fog. Thus not to miss a perfect texturing opportunity, I drove out of town to get some bleak countryside pics. This cute little scene was glimpsed from the car, and so I did a fast ‘u’ turn to get back to it! The other pictures had the Cabana or […]

Grunge flowers

Just to show that I don’t just do pale soft flowers and also to show how textures (and toning) can change the entire feel of an image.  Our fly edges work well on black and white images especially if you want to portray a gritty “early photography” look. I started by converting the base image […]

Chalk path into mist

Here’s another example of why we should always carry our camera on airport runs! I drove through thick fog banks from melting snow on the way to Gatwick airport in England over Christmas, being on the motorway it was impossible to stop, so I changed my route home to the minor country roads to capture […]

orbit around the winter sun

In January we often get these midwinter fairs, we think they all come south to over-winter, only returning to northern Europe in the spring. It was nice to see this fresh white painted Ferris wheel as they’re normally brightly colored. Taken from the ground, with a circular polarizer, the camera turned portrait format. A few […]


Our country hut (or crib as they’re called in southern New Zealand) is situated beside a river in the midst of farmland. We have sheep on one side and cows on the other so I have plenty of four legged models. These “models” were in a paddock up a hill just a short distance away, […]

lone tree on Christmas day

Another picture from the same Christmas day sunset shoot as the previously blogged snowman. I knelt down in the snow for this shot, and used the same Cokin mild ND2 graduated filter as before. Processing was simple, and with the addition of a slight clone-over, removed the distracting buildings behind the tree. Base copy slight […]


Weeds often make the best photos! These are the small flowers from a weedy shamrock leaved oxalis that pops up in my garden every year. I have a garden full of pretty flowers at the moment and then choose a weed to photograph. Anyway as requested here’s the texture recipe. I started by brightening and […]

fire and ice

After a late Xmas lunch I spied a lovely sunset, so arming myself with borrowed wellingtons, set off across the Surrey fields and over frozen streams and fences to get some better views, as the area is heavily wooded. I’d previously treated myself to a cheapish Cokin ND graduated filter (ND2), after my last disastrous […]

fog after snow

Happy New Year to everyone! A big thanks to Jill for taking care of things whilst I was mostly off-line in the country;-) I’m just back from Surrey in England, where I’ve seen more snow than I have for years! Those pics are yet to come, but first an old favorite of mine, trees in […]

The Fence

I take a lot of photos out the car window as I’m travelling (as a passenger of course) and this is one of them. I loved the pattern the fences made. The fairly ominous sky did bring rain for which the farmers were very thankful as conditions are very dry in a lot of areas. […]

Berry Christmas!

Who needs Christmas decorations when you’ve got natural ones in the form of berries! These are red currants, the birds get most of the ones on the bushes these days but in the past I’ve made red currant jelly, ice-cream and even wine! We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful and […]


As requested by Debbie, here’s the recipe for my recent rose image. The photo is of the Cecile Brunner roses once again, and rather than give them the soft treatment I used last time, I decided to go for a more visibly textured look. The roses by the way are still flowering, might have to […]


I never tire of the beach! I visit this city beach on a regular basis and it’s different every time I go. On this occasion the sea fog combined with a very low tide provided wonderful shooting conditions, if the sun had peeked through the clouds that would have been the icing on the cake […]

Magpies Gloaming

Complex city skylines are great to photograph, but sometimes focusing on just one tiny corner of a building is enough to suggest an atmosphere. Here, whilst staying with Martine I noticed her Dijon city buildings looked sufficiently different to mine, living in an ancient quarter, to try a few experimental architectural dusk shots. Simply processed […]