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Prickly Pears

  It’s a little known fact, but whilst at school I was a nerdy member of the South Yorkshire Cactus and Succulent Society, and wore a cute little prickly pear opuntia sticking out of a house of York white rose enamel badge, unkindly abbreviated to… well, we wont go there! Didn’t do much at the […]


  Another image from the grounds of Leeds Castle in Kent, I came across this interesting themed hillside camp-site situated beyond their large vineyard which can be glimpsed in the background, and found they’re now running a new Glamping site! All these lovely fresh new tents with their different primary colours were glowing in the […]

Tree Sunrise

  Recently Jill pointed out I’d not done a blog entry for months! So here it is, my mea culpa blog! But I must also quickly add that I’ve not been lying on my laurels, I’ve been doing loads backstage and this will shortly become evident with new flypaper projects that we’re not at liberty […]

To the Sea

  Skies are difficult things to get right, I normally use a PL filter on my lens to get darker deeper blues at the cost of the foreground being too dark as above, this is where textures come in handy to lift those dark areas, but I also like to pre-process in Nik Color Efex […]

Stormy Sea now a book cover

  It’s always exciting to discover  one of your photos used on a book cover so I was very happy to spy this Getty licensed Flypaper textured one being used so beautifully on the cover of this new book,  Miss Fuller by April Bernard. The recipe has been published before but to save you having […]


Horse riding after

  Yesterday afternoon I put the Lensbaby Edge 8o on the camera and went for a walk on a  beach little to the south of the city,  a cold front and rain was predicted so I went armed with a jacket only to find it surprisingly warm. The sky was dramatic though, you could see […]

Dune Path

Dune Path

We’re having major sand-dune renovations! Our coastline isn’t as built up as the more trendy next door Provençal beaches, we’re cut off from their beaches by the Camargue wetlands. The main difference being that ‘Nice’ has no sand, only pebbles and Cannes has to import it every spring, whilst we have plenty! They’re now trying […]

le grand mouche – the big fly!

A strong dry wind has been blowing through our area for so long, even the palm trees have been wind burnt on their north sides, and our natural beaches have lost much of their lovely dune tops and are now smeared all over the place! Taking a good camera into such sandblasted conditions, is at […]

my own private little vineyard

Sunday morning was misty with freezing fog. Thus not to miss a perfect texturing opportunity, I drove out of town to get some bleak countryside pics. This cute little scene was glimpsed from the car, and so I did a fast ‘u’ turn to get back to it! The other pictures had the Cabana or […]


As its still winter over here and too cold to get out much, I’ve been revisiting some of my old images from last summer. I said summer but my visit to England in August was more like our winter in the south of France! This day was freezing, and more so on top of the […]

Chalk path into mist

Here’s another example of why we should always carry our camera on airport runs! I drove through thick fog banks from melting snow on the way to Gatwick airport in England over Christmas, being on the motorway it was impossible to stop, so I changed my route home to the minor country roads to capture […]


Our country hut (or crib as they’re called in southern New Zealand) is situated beside a river in the midst of farmland. We have sheep on one side and cows on the other so I have plenty of four legged models. These “models” were in a paddock up a hill just a short distance away, […]

Sweet Peas

Don’t sweet peas have the most wonderful fragrance? I wish I could share the scent with you all -as someone on flickr said at times like this we need a scratch and sniff computer screen! I have one of my neighbours to thank for these beauties, they grow in profusion over her fence beside the […]

Hoody that caused a rumpus!

I’m delighted to be able to share my latest image which caused one sad individual on Flickr to accuse me of copying his work! Its also in answer to Bobs question showing how we create fake mist with just our flypaper textures. My original goal was just to achieve a nice image of an English […]

Water Meadows

Its a given isn’t it, that if you take a trip without your camera, you’ll see something so superbly photogenic that you’ll bite yourself! Thus for me, (who’s sick of biting himself!) I’ll now do no laborious airport run without my camera. And here’s an image to prove my maxim right, as I noticed this […]

The Black Mill

How do you make a famous much photographed landmark look fresh? Simple – take a back shot! This huge black Beacon Mill in Rottingdean overlooks the English Channel, when it was built back in 1802, it defiantly faced France, the great Napoleonic foe! Here these black sentinels are still facing the wind some 200 years […]

Belle Toute Lighthouse

On my recent visit to England I returned to an old haunt of mine, along the cliff edges of the Severn sisters. When I lived in London I’d often drive down to this place to get some fresh air and walk the dog. This ‘Belle Toute’ lighthouse was then on the top of the hill […]

sunset through the pines

I’ve photographed this historic Roman ruin filled site many times, and I’m always captivated by its scenic treasures. Previously written about before in Pines in the Mist. Being a hill covered with these tall willowy umbrella pines, its often ravaged by the sudden cruel winds we get from the distant black mountains, and thus these […]

Blue and White

You know that spring is well and truly here when the grape hyacinths or muscari are in flower.  I photographed this bunch in my newly purchased “little white jug” bought especially (and cheaply too I must add) for photographic purposes, I was imagining a bunch of roses in it when I spied it on the […]

green pineapple

This week I started a new Photoshelter account and was searching for images to stock it with, when I came across this abandoned oldie from February. Coming from a batch of pears I’d shot, it had been rejected because it was a little over-textured. But by simply clicking off the final texture I could see […]


After a great week of 50% sun & rain in autumnal England I was glad to get back to the late summer heat and sun of the south of France! However, the new lush green landscapes were like a breath of fresh air after our arid grass-free summer environment. I was going to show Stonehenge […]


Back to one of favourite subjects, dried climbing hydrangea flowers; this one was taken last autumn in my basement “studio”. The reality of my studio is quite different to how it appears in my photos but I don’t think I’ll go into that or it will ruin the mystique, I will say that dirty windows […]

Sunday Stroll

I’ve got lots of photos like this with distant people walking on the beach, at one stage I’d have wanted an completely deserted beach but now I seek out opportunities like this.  Luckily our beaches down here are often all but deserted, especially at this time of the year. Now the processing, I think I […]

Curious Cows

This is part of the large herd of cows from the dairy farm across the road from our country hut. In that area there are almost more cows than sheep now, something that makes me sad as I much prefer the traditional sheep farm than intensive dairy herds. Cows however are such photogenic beasts and […]