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It was a grey damp day here yesterday so I decided to take some still-lifes indoors as the light was soft. I used my favourite 50mm lens at f1.8  which accounts for the fairly shallow depth of field. The backdrop is a piece of pale blue velvet that I rediscovered yesterday morning while rummaging in […]

green pineapple

This week I started a new Photoshelter account and was searching for images to stock it with, when I came across this abandoned oldie from February. Coming from a batch of pears I’d shot, it had been rejected because it was a little over-textured. But by simply clicking off the final texture I could see […]

windowsill jug

This small, high situated window is at the side of my fireplace in my little old french corner house. I’m lucky having these side windows, as its a great source of fresh cross air in the hot summers. The view is a dud though, as it just points towards next doors green shutters, and not […]


Today I went to our city’s huge 24 hour second hand book sale held in the theatre it raises funds for. There are thousands of books on sale with more put out all the time so it’s a great way to stock the shelves. Book dealers are there in force and you can spot them […]


Last week, armed with a piece of black card, I took the dog a walk to our local Park of the poets to photograph iceland poppies, thankfully as the wind was low I managed several acceptable shots. See it on Flickr . Later, at the duck pond I took a few experimental shots, I couldn’t […]


Almost every time I go to the beach I come home with a pocket full of small shells and stones and suchlike. Most of these ones came from a beach near the entrance to our harbour where there are lots of these tiny treasures underfoot. I processed these with textures from our new Fly Edges […]

Plums on white

A slightly different starting photo and slightly different processing. I’m enjoying playing with photos in this soft desaturated style and have discovered after many failures that choice of subject and background are very important and likewise light, soft indirect light seems to give the best results. After much playing with textures, I think I’ve come […]

soft blues

Its uncanny, but when I look at this image, I’m transported back to painting scenic backdrops for Harrods Bridal windows! I had the job of doing all the back few dozen windows, all the while being chased from window to window by the designers. Not that they had Cornishware in those windows, but the ‘look’ […]

brushes (with the law)

In my little old French house I have a kind of a studio, where the walls are still rough as I’ve not yet decorated . It used to belong to a Dutch professor of colour therapy. He’s still in France because I keep getting his speeding tickets! Anyhow, he said this top north facing room […]

The Chase

This is proof that it pays to keep your camera handy! I just managed to capture the lead figure before he was lost into shadow. The before image has already had the Painterly effect and a texture. I removed the green lens flare by painting the warm texture tones with Color Burn to cancel out […]

Barely There (desaturating a texture)

I took this one at my parents house last weekend, the wall in their conservatory is a lovely blue colour and makes a great backdrop. As well as a recipe today, I’m going to try and explain how I change the colour of textures or de-saturate them in photoshop by using a Clipping Mask, the […]

Leave only Footprints…

Hot off the camera….Taken on a lovely walk on the beach this evening -there was some dramatic storm light and the sea looked amazing and even if my photos didn’t do the scene justice, it was great just to be there. This one looked okay before but I thought I’d see what I could do […]

Mistaken Identity

If you’re thinking this is a tulip then think again -yes Paul, I’m thinking of you here 🙂It is in fact the unopened flower of the clematis that’s brightening a corner of my garden at the moment. Processed simply using Pompeii Stucco Soft Light 72%A colour fill layer #02303f @Exclusion 100%Shagreen bone @Overlay 14%

The Letter

Here I used our ‘Necropolis’ texture very lightly.By simply running your mouse over the image you’ll see before and after the textures were applied!